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Allergen Training

Allergen Training for the Foodservice and Food Retail Industry

We are pleased to offer Allergen Training for the Foodservice and Food Retail Industry. After many months of collaboration and consultation with the food industry, Canada finally has management level education and recognition program that will set the standard for Canadian Food Industry in the area of food allergen education. 

TrainCan, Inc and Food Allergy Canada are pleased to be partners in this great program. Both organizations bring strengths to the table, making this a truly unique educational experience. 


Five Informative Sections



Self-Study Program

Developed as a self-study learning, you can purchase the course book, exam booklet, answer bubble sheet and return envelope. Working independently or as a group, students complete the self test, transfer their answers to the bubble sheet and submit to TrainCan, Inc. for marking and data storage. The successful passing grade is 75%. Certificates of completion will be mailed out once marking is completed. 

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