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Auum Omega 3 NeuroBasic

Auum Omega 3 NeuroBasic is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids including DPA, EPA and DHA to help support the development of the brain, eyes and nerves.

An incredible breakthrough in bioscience.  The Auum Omega 3 NeuroBasic product provides EPA, DHA and DPA as a whole food product with Auum Omega 3 sublingual delivery, ensuring fast maximum absorption.  Auum Omega is bio-identical to nature’s perfect food, human breast milk.

The DPA component is what humans have had a chronic deficiency of for generations.  DPA as a rule, is not present in fish or plant based Omega-3 preparations (except in trace amounts).  Careful selection of raw materials and also specialized processing ensures that the Auum Omega 3 Sublingual D formulation retains the highest possible percentage of DPA.

Auum Omega 3 NeuroBasic has a Natural Product Number NPN 80023372 issued by Health Canada which informs consumers that our product has been reviewed and approved by Health Canada for safety, efficacy and quality.

  • An excellent source of omega 3 including EPA, DHA and DPA for the maintenance of good health

  • Helps support the development of brain, eyes and nerves in children up to 12 years of age


  • Omega 3 balanced with Omega 6 in the perfect 1:1 ratio


  • Highly absorbable omegas due to the mammalian source allowing for sublingual delivery to the brain in 60 seconds


  • DPA – the missing omega (in fish and flax oil) has been described as ten times more effective for cardiovascular health