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Here you find complimentary videos/recipes for you to enjoy! 

Learn how to Cook and Eat Healthy! The Spice Lady shares recipes, cooking videos, cooking tips and techniques for gluten free, vegetarian, and meat lovers too!

The information on this page is posted for a limited time. You can then locate it on my blog where you will find hundreds of other wonderful recipes to try! 

Microplaning and Juicing a Lemon


Microplane or Rasp






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Don’t be fooled by imitations. This microplane by Microplane® is very sharp. I don’t leave home without it! I use it to finely grate citrus peel, cheese, whole spices like nutmeg, and fresh garlic cloves. I prefer the model with the handle as I find it easier to grasp over bowls and tap to remove gratings etc. I have tried less expensive imitators. I find them dull and a challenge to use…go for the name on this one.


Lemon Juicer (also known as a citrus squeezer)


















I was introduced to a lemon squeezer in 2008. I am not a major advocate of kitchen gadgets. I like to stick with simple good quality…my chef’s knife or wooden hand reamers work for me to perform the tricks of the trade efficiently. You really don’t need a whole lot of tools. Most gadgets fall into the want category.


This lemon squeezer is good fun. It does a nice job when you don’t want to fight with strainers etc. to catch those rebel seeds.


You want to look for one where the enamel is of good quality. It should line the full item with no aluminium showing through…like bald spots.


The metal will react with the acid, rust and possibly leach. This is considered a physical contaminant when it comes to food safety.

Click on the question mark in the image to see in

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