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It’s About the People Too!

What do 5 beautiful young ladies and this chef instructor with two thumbs up have in common? The joy of food!!!! I just had to write something about the quality of people who have attended my cooking classes this year. I’ve been having an outstanding experience giving my private classes for the public. That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?…hmmm.

Here’s the thing…we all know my passion for food, cooking and sharing it through my classes. One of the most satisfying things for me is meeting new people. The people who have registered to take my classes this year are in one word AWESOME, very warm, good natured, and so full of positive energy and fun! Most participants have cool jobs, interests, and talents… a sheer treasure trove of delightful. For example, a young mom radiologist, a tween food connoisseur, very special exotic fine jewelry designers, a bevy of Russian beauties, a petite motorcycle driver, businessmen, businesswomen, engineers, techies, teachers, social workers, marketing executives, artists, groups of close buddies, publicists, lawyers, entrepreneurs…this is starting to sound like one of those career school ads. To get back on track, I am so excited to see who shows up for class each time.

Some share an interest in the passion of trying different foods, ingredients, skills, cuisines…others have very little experience cooking and are eager with questions, most have some experience and want to learn more…with more questions. It has been a very enlightening and special time for me. I am so blessed and proud to have met such wonderful new foodie friends this year…my buttons are just a popping.

I just wanted to let you all know how I feel. I have posted my schedules for upcoming classes into the New Year. If you want to have the opportunity to learn, taste, and meet great people… send in your request to attend at the bottom of the post or page. There is limited seating so if there’s a class that you really want to attend, you’d best get your registration in early to avoid disappointment. Can’t wait to meet you too!

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