Auum Omega 3 Inuit Seal Oil Sustainability


When it comes to Auum seal oil sustainability, there are two viewpoints to consider. One is the issue of hunting seal for commercial interest. “But the large-scale, commercial hunt is a world away from the traditional practices of Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic. In fact, Indigenous communities have shown time and again that they understand how to protect the Arctic ecosystem they call home, and their hunting practices have never been a threat to seal or whale populations. They do not hunt seal pups, and their hunt is conducted with respect for the animal. They hunt because it is a crucial way to sustain themselves and their families in the harsh Arctic environment." 


"We respect their right to continue this tradition.” These excerpts were taken from an article written in 2016 by Arctic campaigner with Greenpeace Nordic, Jon Burgwald.

A recent article written in The Globe and Mail, talked to Dion Dakins, "chief executive of Carino Processing Ltd. in Newfoundland, which processed 55,000 animals for meat, oil and hides in the past sealing season. For him, the question gets to the core of the seal debate. He believes hunting seal is sustainable, humane and a necessary fisheries ecomanagement tool. Opposing him are animal-rights groups (most of them based outside Canada) that have spun the "cute" element into a disproportionate fundraising tool."

Canada's history proves that we manage our seal resource sustainably.

"Angry Inuk: The anti-sealing industry has had dire impacts on Canada's Inuit families - CBC Docs POV" is a CBC documentary which offers another perspective on the subject. "Canada's seal hunt has been protested and condemned for decades, with targeted anti-sealing campaigns and political sanctions having a real impact on the Inuit families that hunt the seal for survival. These families are stewards of the land, but are being punished for their subsistence hunting - and they want to meet these protesters face to face. #CBCdocsPOV"

The Canadian government considers sustainability as it relates to hunting. The regulations and the responsibilities of veterinarians, hunters/sealers are taken into account.

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