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Knife Sharpening

Konosuke Japanese Waterstone knife sharpening.

Konosuke Japanse Waterstone knife sharpening

The Spice Lady offers a kitchen knife sharpening service on straight edged knives. Healthy eating recipes are easier to prepare with a sharp knife!

Your kitchen knives are sharpened by hand with love. High quality Japanese waterstones are used. 

Konosuke and Naniwa Professional stones are the preferred brands to restore your knives to a razor sharp edge. Your dull knives become sharp enough to cut through tomatoes or onion skin like butter.

When you are excited loving using your newly sharpened edge, this gives us a major sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and happiness!

Send in the form below to make an appointment to bring your knives for sharpening.  Someone will contact you to schedule a day and time.


If time and scheduling permits you might even get them back that day.

Leather strop for a fine polished finish.

Success! Message received.

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