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Public Speaking

Sharon Elston, Owner

Toronto Food Safety Training

Need to get the message of food safety out to your managers, team members or franchise owners?

How about a fun informative presentation without the added stress of the examination?

Sharon's warm engaging personality, and decades of experience as a trainer, business owner, human resources specialist and a teaching chef, make her the perfect choice to speak at your next meeting, motivational or team building event.


Our food safety training is according to the Ontario Food Premises Regulation.
We are registered to certify under TRAINCAN, Inc.
Sharon Elston, the owner of Toronto Food Safety Training, has an enormous passion for the science behind food safety. Her enthusiasm is infectious. With her bubbly personality, she makes a "serious subject fun and the day flies by".
We have a special talent for working with students, using varied teaching methods to match everyone's learning style.
Sharon's background as a public speaker, life coach | business mentor | entrepreneur, and teaching chef, gives her the atypical insight and empathy required to keep people  focused. Foodservice staff gain a real time awakening on why food safety is so important.
We know online instruction isn't for everyone. The majority of our clients want to either get the job done by having their staff trained all at once. And/or, they use the day as a team building tool. 
Specialists in teaching people who have learning challenges, whether it be English as a second language or ADD, Dyslexia or brain injuries. Our student pass rate is second to none.
Sharon has been teaching TRAINCAN'S TRAIN-THE-TRAINER for over a decade. Her instructor associates are certified and mentored by her to teach outside of the box, not lecturing but coaching to success.

Want to book Sharon to speak to your group?

At the end of a workshop, sometimes we ask our students to write 3 descriptions of what they got out of the class and room for improvement. 
What Our Students Say

"Sharon has a warm bubbly personality"


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