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Welcome to “ELS” - Understanding English for newcomers to Canada. 

“ELS” is designed for newcomers who wish to learn more about the English language and culture. Our meet ups are tailored to the characteristics, specific needs, and expectations of the group.

Diversity Students

The purpose of “ELS” is to share the power of learning English through creative and traditional teaching methods, techniques and activities that allow newcomers to use the language and communicate better. 


As a member of “ESL”, you will be provided a comfortable environment to gain command of the English language as well as to socialize and build a community creating friendships.


The goal is to give everyone the best opportunity to be successful students, workers, family members and citizens. 


People who have varied levels of the English language work with each other to learn how to read and speak English. Understanding English properly is critical for self-esteem and confidence building. 


When newcomers gain the tools to build fuller lives, everyone in the community benefits.

What We Do


  • We increase fluency and confidence by building vocabulary and providing controlled speaking practice in a safe environment

  • Individualized attention and learning

  • Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels learning together

  • Exploration and explanation of Canadian | North American culture

  • Conversation partnering with all levels of English speakers and non speakers



Oral and written activities

Covers parts of speech, basic sentence structure, and tenses



  • Content includes functional listening strategies

  • Sound discrimination 

  • Basic conversation 

  • Selective listening

  • Examination of grammatical and phonological features of spoken English

  • Practice sound production and differentiation 

  • Syllable stress, word stress, and intonation patterns 




  • Focus on building vocabulary

  • Developing reading skills such as finding main ideas, locating pronoun referents, and using context clues and increase reading speed and comprehension




  • The focus is on sentence-level writing 

  • Paragraph-level writing


“ELS” Meet Up Structure (Fees)


  • Members sign up for a 6-week period of 2 days per week (up to approx. 3 hours per day)

  • Participants pay a very reasonable fee to cover materials and facilitator’s time

  • If more time required, sign up as many times as necessary to grasp the principals. Or, just to enjoy the social connection

Students and Teacher in Classroom
Colleagues Working Together
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