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Thank you for being such amazing teacher. Was a pleasure to learn from you. I will highly recomend you as the best food-handler teacher. Thank you again,



March 23, 2019


Hello Sharon, 


I wanted to thank you for the great workshop you held today. It was really nice finally meeting you,  you are an amazing person! The knowledge and ideas gained from this session are priceless. 


Warm Regards 


January 13, 2019 



I really enjoyed your personality that you shared with the group while we were attending your Basics.fst and Advanced.fst courses. You made us feel at ease and comfortable. Your funny connections and enthusiasm for conveying the information helped me to be more successful. I liked how you took the time to get to know us just a little bit better. 

Derrick Mills

October 18, 2018


Thanks Sharon, the quality instruction sure shows in the results.

Maria Aug 1, 2018


Hi Sharon:


Thank you so much for training us today. I actually learned a lot. I will continue to improve myself. 


Wish you all the best 


Yours sincerely 





Hi Sharon,

Our families were absolutely delighted with all the wonderful dishes you cooked for us, and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your time and your creativity; this fantastic dinner sure made our special day even more special!

Thanks so much - we will definitely recommend your services every chance we get! 

Daniel and Mélissa September 25, 2017


Thank you for helping Dion create a truly unique and wonderful anniversary celebration. It was perfect.

Karen December 31, 2016

Great experienced chef, great way to learn some new skills and spend time with friends.

Umisha P August 2016

I LOVED Sharon’s class, she was an absolute pleasure and the most knowledgeable and passionate chef I have met to date (and I’ve taken a lot of cooking classes). I learned so much valuable skills that will benefit me for a lifetime!

Julia S. August 2016


I took one class with my husband. We both really enjoyed it and plan on taking more classes in the future. Sharon is so lovely, funny and knowledgeable and has a great personality. Highly recommend her.

Mariane T. July 2016


I’ve taken a cpl classes with Sharon and have always found her to be very positive, funny and knowledgeable. I’ve loved her classes so much that I now work as her assistant. I’ve learned so many tips; tricks to make cooking fun and delicious!

Jenna M. June 2016


Really enjoyed the course I took with Sharon, and my wife and I are planning on taking another one. We got a lot of good tips about cooking and food safety that I was able to pass on to my work place, with the way we handle leftovers.

Christopher V. June 2016


I really enjoyed the class with Sharon and plan to try making some of the dishes on my own. It’s a fun thing to do!

Zeina June 2016


Sharon was a great teacher who is very passionate about cooking and sharing that with others. I was able to take what I learned in class and recreate it at home with ease! She also gave good tips for add-ons and substitutions! A+!

Bruce W. June 2016


Sharon is terrific. Yes the class takes place in her condo and that makes it all the better. I loved what we learned, she has a great sense of humour and the food was wonderful. We will be coming back. A great way to spend a date night!

Dion B. June 2016


The knife skills course was fun and the participants were a great group of people. Yes, the apartment was small but didn’t seem to be an issue for the 5 of us.

Ani A. June 2016           


Thank you very much for the class and wonderful experience. I am very glad you sent the recipe – was disappointed when I realized I forgot my copy at your place. Can’t wait to try all those recipes very soon.

I will be leaving this positive review and will highly recommend to friends.

Thanks again!

Thank you,


June 12, 2016


Hi Sharon

Many thanks for a lovely evening. The lesson was inspiring, the food teriffic and the company was very funny. A lovely date night for Karen and myself.

Many thanks
Dion and Karen

May 14, 2016


Hey Sharon,

I just wanted to thank you for hosting such a wonderful cooking class on Tuesday. It was a great experience, lots of fun. Soham and I enjoyed learning something new and loved the food as well because we have never tried that type of cuisine ever. Soham was really surprised and he was absolutely happy, so that was a great success. I was just wondering if you would be able to send me a copy of the recipe you handed out to us because I left my hard copy on your chair! I would love to make this for my mom and my sister, they would really like it. Also if you ever have any unique cooking classes like the one you kept for us please let me know, I would love to bring my mom! Thanks!

Sacchi  – March 24, 2016


Hi Sharon,

“Sharon, the Modern Italian Cooking Class Ryan and I attended was absolutely fantastic! As beginners, you made us feel comfortable right away, and we left feeling like we would be able to accomplish such a stunning menu all on our own. Thank you for such a wonderful evening filled with great food, great music, and great company!”
Thank you for such a great night! 
Kind regards,

Rachel Hann, OCT
July 26, 2015


“We had so much fun at Modern Italian cooking night with Sharon and the group, and learned to make some relatively simple but incredible dishes! It’s such a nice feeling with people come together as a team for incredible food. We then got to taste our creations together. The class was lighthearted and fun, yet we learned a lot. Thanks, Sharon!” – Janice and Matt
July 27, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

We invited Sharon Elston from Geometrix Global Inc. to come to our TD Corporate office to talk about “Food Safety in the Workplace” with our Administrative staff.


Sharon presented a very informative talk on food safety from the perspective of an office and home environment. We talked about the dangers of handling food improperly, food temperature, cleaning, cooking, cooling, storage and reheating food. It was an amazing and eye opening discussion in a relaxed Lunch and Learn atmosphere.


We all took away some great tips and a number of us realized to our surprise that we were doing some things wrong.

I would highly recommend inviting Sharon to share her wealth of knowledge with your team.



Kim R Charron I Executive Facilities I TD Bank Group I Office of the President & CEO

July 7, 2015

Very funny and entertaining and also great instructor.
Great Learning new techniques and learned the difference baking soda makes in baked goods.
I will make all the dishes esp the salad and the dessert. All were delicious though considering no meat.
Love the knives and technique for cutting vegetables.


Creating Flavours Workshop: The best part was Sharon, herself, who was such a great host and an awesome source of knowledge. I sincerely did not find anything wrong with the class



Creating Flavours Workshop:  I enjoyed the ingredients and menu. I loved taking the food home and the small class size which enabled me to interact with the Spice Lady and ask questions.



The instructor was lovely- warm and knowledgeable.




I would like to thank you for a lovely and delicious Saturday afternoon. Everything was amazing and you are wonderful. Thank you for the experience, my mother and I had a great day.

Thank you,


P.S Happy Mother’s Day


Hi Sharon, Thank you for the wonderful experience and the knowledge that you have given me on this food safety course. It was very enjoyable and appreciated. This will be useful in my life experience. Best Regards Joe


My sister & I had attended the Knife Skills Workshop. It was informative and fun.

Dikranuhi B. · April 15, 2016

She was funny, nice and very informative had a blast at her class

Jacky H. · April 3, 2016


She’s a very positive lady!

Natasha T. · March 28, 2016


Hi Sharon,

Thanks for today, Joe and I had a great time! I’m excited to make these recipes for our family and friends and I’ll definitely recommend your class. I also enjoyed the music you played during the introductory part of the class, what music was it? 

Thanks again for the recipes!

All the Best,




I just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely evening. I really enjoyed the class, learned so much, and was in a lot of great company. It was such a wonderful experience. Hopefully Daniel and I will be joining another class soon!

Thanks again,



Thanks so much for a fun, informative night Sharon! I will definitely be making everything again.



Hi, Sharon,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for yesterday's class. I had a great time, and I think you really helped me make progress with my teaching style. I've already started work on those cards we talked about.

Thanks again,



The best part was when we all sat down to dine! That was the time we got to know one another. Good food, good friendships! I liked the whole menu. I will try to reproduce it at home!I wouldn’t change anything about the class. I liked it as is.



Thanks again for hosting the cooking class and spending the time to teach us about food safety, cooking skills, and the recipes. We have already remade the Thai Seafood Salad and are enjoying it very much.

We’ll be sure to keep you in mind and take a browse through your other cooking classes when we feel like doing another one!

Until then, all the best and Happy Holidays!



Hi Sharon,
I received my certificate in the mail today and just wanted to send this email to say thank you.
Thanks for taking on my last minute request and providing me the knowledge I needed to pass the test and become certified.
I appreciate your efforts.
Best regards,

As you know I was at the Modern Thai day on Sept 20.

So… I thought the afternoon was great fun. I learned a lot. I thought you were entertaining and knowledgeable. I signed up to learn how to make Pad Thai, but enjoyed the other dishes as much if not more and look forward to recreating them myself. I enjoyed our group of people. I think 6 was a good number of people. I will attend again. Maybe you’ll have a class that includes Seafood Pescatore. I love to eat it, but don’t know how to make it. My only comment was about starting late to accommodate the latecomers, who then left early, so the dinner part of the afternoon was a little rushed. – Not your fault obviously. I really did have a nice afternoon and will be over again. I liked the amount of food and the wine was good.

I look forward to coming to other classes and will be watching the schedule for my next one.

Thank you Sharon.

Bye for now


My mom, sister and I really enjoyed this class! We liked that it was Intimate and very hands-on. Sharon was great at dividing her attention between everyone and coordinating us. She provided a very good introduction and break-down of everything we were doing, and she was very funny and nice! The food was absolutely delicious. I really liked how health-conscious Sharon is, because my family is as well and it was great to learn new recipes that we can make without feeling guilty. I also like that all the ingredients were pretty common and not too hard to find. I liked that we would watch as she prepared things and the use of space was great, we did not feel crowded at all.


Hi, Sharon,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for yesterday’s Train-the-Trainer class. I had a great time, and I think you really helped me make progress with my teaching style. I’ve already started work on those cards we talked about.

Thanks again,



Having the opportunity to try the food and enjoy a meal altogether was the best part.

I like that you had boards and knives for everyone and that you involved all people the whole time (e.g. all cutting parts of the veggies at same time), this kept it interesting and the option to learn by doing. I also like that you shared extra information on knives, etc.


Sharon is awesome and so knowledgeable. Everything was great!


Hi Sharon,

Thank you so much for the great Thai class on Saturday. Chris and I both enjoyed everything about the class and you are so real and genuine.

We will be back soon.


Enjoyed the whole class setting, instructor very knowledgeable and approachable. Very well done.


The best part of the class was that it was a smaller group, so everyone really got a hands-on opportunity to learn instead of just watch others had it been a bigger group.

I would make every single dish again (and will be in the next couple of weeks for another vegetarian friend coming to visit). Everything was simple, and though some steps took a lot of time “proofing” the dough for the brioche, nothing was overly complicated and I’m confident I can handle it!

I think Sharon’s personality and approach to cooking was spot on. She was fun, vivacious, knowledgeable and had a great amount of passion for what she does.


Thank you for a wonderful session Sharon, I had a great time 


Hi Sharon,

I wanted to say thank you for the food safety training class yesterday… You made what could have been a very dull class quite interesting.

Have a great day!




Thank you Sharon, Kevin and I had an amazing time and we loved your wonderful spirit and wit and of course the excellent food choices we enjoyed to end a wonderful night!

We were very lucky to enjoy your company on your birthday. For sure Kevin and I will book again. I know he is looking forward to going with his girlfriend who loves cooking and baking!

Yes for sure c u soon.

Your perogie helper
MJ ( mary-jane)


I took Sharon’s Birthday Favourites class and what a fantastic evening! The food was everything that I love and I can make each one of these recipes for myself and loved ones. I really enjoyed the group of people we had and together we created a delicious meal. The only recommendation I have is that 7-8 people may be too many for the space and amount of food being prepared. Possibly keeping it at 6 would allow for everyone to stay busy and keep things flowing, where as more people could result in some observing while others do the work. I really liked how she split us into teams to tackle each part of the menu, great idea!

I will most definitely be looking to sign up for another course as soon as I can! What a wonderful experience. I am so thankful to have received this as a gift.




I truly enjoyed the class tonight. Your knowledge combined with your humour And the company of other participants made for an informative and pleasant evening. ‎And who knew that a spoon full or honey could make a flat soup come alive with some depth, not to mention double the garlic, onions and madras! Hope to see you in another class sometime.



Thank you for an amazing great class in food safety training, you made it very easy for us to learn, but most importantly thank you for being so patient with my mom. Have a great day!


Best: learning the proper techniques on how to cut the vegetables
Entertaining – Excellent
Knowledge – Excellent
Ambiance – Excellent


Knife skills are a big part of what we do!

Good company and knowledgeable instructor. It was good to learn proper knife techniques.


Many Thanks for a wonderful and informative class.

07/12 2013



Hello Sharon,

Thank you for my results! It was a very informative class and you were a fantastic professor.

I will probably see you again for the train the trainer course, I’m very excited about it.

Thank you again.




I enjoyed your honesty and down-to-earthiness. You were really open to questions and sharing of your vast knowledge. It was really interesting to see how you organized things, and to see your preferred ingredients, equipment, etc.


It was lovely going to your class for the evening Sharon-
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your passion (and our hobby!).
Thank you for sharing your world!!:)


Best: amazing food, made the recipes seem easy, great company, Sharon is relaxed, personable and fun


very easy going and flexible, made us feel very comfortable


Fun evening. Nothing like I had expected. Not sure what I expected. Very friendly, fun evening. Included everyone which was great. I don’t know if it was just this particular group or the instructor but everyone got along well, talked, enjoyed the atmosphere I would think.


Sharon, you are very entertaining and kind. And you keep the class fun and in the moment.

Informality and hands on great for learning. Great to meet other people from different backgrounds and with different culinary experience.


Liza and I enjoyed ourselves and both plan to try the recipes again, they were very good.
Thanks again for the great day.


Best: cooking is fun, jokes, good tips, definitely useful information and delicious reward at the end of all the “hard’ work! I will be making every part of the meal we learned, so yummy.


The best part of the class was the instruction and the opportunity to learn cutting techniques.


Thanks Sharon!

It was a lovely class and I came home excited to cook. You are a really talented cook and instructor. Thank you for a great evening!


Small group setting which was great. Very hands on also great. Really had a ton of fun and found it very worthwhile.


Food Safety Training:   Thank You so much Sharon, its all because of you. You  really did a great job and it was a nice learning experience by a great teacher who is really funny and make teaching interesting.

Thank You, 



Food Safety Training: Thanks again for all your help and support and for keeping the information from getting boring. We certainly learned a lot and we will strive to teach at your level and would like to keep in touch as well.



Sharon provides all kinds of insights and tips while we are cooking. Overall Sharon’s level of preparation and organization was OUTSTANDING.

Kudos to Sharon : excellent host, immensly knowleadgeable, happy to share her knowleadge, very fair when it comes to outcomes (whether she liked or not the selected recipe) and makes everyone feel extremly comfortable.


Best part: Instructor, mix people. food were the best.


Loved to learn about new ingredients, learning about new techniques, and get cooking tips.  I feel inspired to try new recipes. I learned to not follow recipes too closely but put your own spin on it. After this class I am excited to plan a dinner party for my friends.


It was hands on, very instructive and I learned new skills. So enjoyable.  The set up and the number of participants was perfect

Hello Sharon,

Thank you. We all had a great time. You are a very good host and we all felt very relaxed and welcome in your company.You made it a lot of fun for all of us.
Have a great relaxing time this evening.
Olive,John, Sam, Matthew, Karen,John and Connor


Best = putting the skills we learned to use. Whether it was learning how to slowly cook risotto, or even how to properly cut vegetables – it was all fun and well-organized. Worst = none!

Sharon is very personable and makes anyone of any age or ability in the kitchen feel welcome. She draws everyone in, no time for shyness!! 
Best part was eating (I was starved) but also preparation, I enjoyed working with my partner. I would say the worst part is waiting to get started while she prepares us for the cooking to start…we need to hear all of those steps and her knowledge is so extensive that I like all the tips and I enjoyed the day!

I would make the julienne salad, I would try a risotto eventually and I do make mussels so that recipe is fine. I like the tips on what tomatoes to buy and the brand of pasta etc…great tips!
I wouldn’t change a thing….oh, ok – the cookie dough was gooey, I would of chilled it longer if time permitted. I like how you just baked the filling as a gluten-free cookie, I saw that on your site. Less messy and brilliant!! 

Thank you, Sharon! Another wonderful class!
Please see two photos taken yesterday. I didn’t have much time to take more.
See you Feb 1!Shi-Fa


A pic from one of The Spice Lady Testimonials on our Venetian Cuisine…such a delicious class that one was!


Hi Sharon,

It’s such a pleasure to join your cooking class today! I think I have got a lot from the class to boast to my wife and kids nowJ, and can’t wait for the next one!

Please see the attached photo. I’ll gradually send more to you and feel free to forward to the related parties.
Regards, Shi-Fa

Saturday was such a fun eveningwith all my family. It was a novel way to spend time together and doing our favourite pastime-cooking. Carolyn


Thank you for such a fun evening!  I had a great time and can’t wait to transform the butternut squash on my counter into some delicious bisque!
Thanks again


Hi Sharon,

It was such a blast cooking with you in your cozy kitchen.
I enjoyed the food very much and the company was fantastic.

You were such a warm and fun heart!
Thank you and your “kidlett” helpers!



The best parts of the Thai class were scrumptious food and Sharon, she stopped to get to know everyone and really helped each and everyone to overcome fears, or improve on some of the techniques. The worst part was when some of us weren’t sure of what we were doing. I think having had an assistant to provide guidance would’ve been good. Not anyone’s fault though, it’s just an observation.

I would make everything again. They were delicious and easy to make. My favourites were the salad and dessert. Baby turnip salad is healthy and tasty alternative to coleslaw! And the dessert perfectly sweet without being overly sweet, the yummy gooey-ness.

Sharon, you were a fantastic instructor!



The company and food were the best part. I can’t think of any thing that I didn’t like about the class.



Beth and I so enjoyed our evening with you and the meal we all prepared and shared.  It was a gathering of lovely people, each with his/her own special interests and life stories.   The food turned out to be a delicious combination of flavours…especially loved the tapenade and the French Tart (will change up the crust somewhat, though).  I certainly find your future cuisine offerings to be rather exciting.

All the very best.

Gail/aka Olivia



Had lots of fun last night. Learned a few new techniques as well!




I had a great time, the wine was great….i feel that the timing of the class was perfect, not too long. I enjoyed learning about the knives and the little extra lessons about various things.. i think that the GST and gratituity should be worked into the cost of the class, i would rather pay more up front then have to worry about it when im in the class…

Sharon, you are very personable, down to Earth and fun. I felt comfortable very quickly.
Nice small class size (wouldn’t want any more for the size of cozy space). Fun, educational, relaxed.
Learned helpful tidbits on gadgets, methods, foods and knives which was a nice bonus to the class.

Very informative and interactive. I loved the instructor, she was accommodating and personalble.



The class was a lot of fun and the recipes are amazing! Well, I’ve made the meat balls again two days after the class 

I enjoyed the discussion about the different types of olive oil you can purchase, however it would be nice if this was explained on a handout when we left or part of the recipe handout…we only retain about 10% of what we hear…so that means I’ve forgotten everything.. LOL

Best Part: the hands on preparation of the food and discussion with the instructor and the recipe handout

The instructors knowledge and passion about food is evident…don’t change that! 

Like a good mother, Sharon made sure we were well fed and made extra food. I think she handled the fact that some people showed up with a food allergy really well…



We were thrilled to have you do a teen program at the Don Mills Branch. The teens learned new knife skills, meal planning and portion control. Sharon was enthousiastic and engaging with the youth and they left proud of their culinary creations and eager to show off their new skills in the kitchen at home.

Ashley Sealy
Youth Services Librarian


Thank you very much Sharon for your hospitality and your kind and encouraging instruction.  A wonderful evening with old friends and new friends enjoying a delicious meal together.  I will definitely spread the word in the neighbourhood.



Greetings Sharon,

I want you to know that your course was a great experience. We are all very thankful that you took the time to venture from Toronto all the way to Ottawa to teach us these helpful tools. It was a pleasure meeting you, you made the course fun, enjoyable and educational. Thank you for all of you compliments on the food, but know that it was the least we could do for you.

I will keep in touch and let you know how this training has impacted the Food Service Training Program here.

Chef Ric



I really enjoyed getting my hands into different dishes rather than having one to myself. That was a great learning opportunity. Like I said in my suggestions, I would have enjoyed more water during dinner (although my bad for not asking for it).


Thank you Sharon so much for last night  We had a great time! And couldn’t shut up to our parents about it yesterday  They all LOVE the mayo and the sauce and the cake… basically I got so many requests to make them!…Thank you again and hope to see you soon,



Dear Sharon,


THANK You for the class last evening, I had a terrific time and really enjoyed your spirit and your good sense of humour. It was great having Chad visit with us, I believe old and new should mix together more often, there’s so much to learn from each other. I’m sure Ellen and I will find another culinary delight that will interest us and will definitely sign-up again.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Best wishes



best – fun and entertaining


Loved the hands-on/ interaction and that it was so inviting/ cozy in Sharon’s home! Worst… the weather! There was nothing I consider negative about the class


best part: hands on


It was fun!


There was no worst part of the class, I enjoyed it all.


hands on cooking and cutting:)


Best was once we started preparing the food and got to know each other a bit. Also eating the meal. There wasn’t a “worst”


the food, the wine & relaxed atmosphere were all great; the beginning was a little awkward but warmed quickly.


The best part was trying out creation and getting to know the other people in the class! I would have like to try more basics like cutting properly.

best – useful hints (ie Costco good to get spices) worst – none


I enjoyed learning that the ingredients are available in China town. Too many ingredients, but I also would not want it too simple. A dilemma for the teacher,I know. I got the ingredients for the soup and the chicken confused.


best part food was great


Best: New recipes/flavors


Food was delicious. Knowledge was great – learnt some good basica skills.
24/1/2012 9:18


Best: Learning different general skills and the recipes
17/1/2012 9:29


I liked the atmosphere and ease of the class.


“The best part of the class was how comfortable I felt and how many interesting facts and techniques I learned. The mounded rice dish and the salad. Both were amazing!”
“I liked the atmosphere and ease of the class. Biryani was very nice!”


The instructor is very talented as a cook and shared very useful tips with us.


The Best part was all the information about technique and spices. The worst part was ….. um … there wasn’t one!

I would make all the recipes I learned at home.

The instructor was friendly,knowledgeable and helpful.I would not change a thing.Quality of food was good. Timing of the recipes was good. Enjoyed the people.


The class was great, no complaints. Very relaxed and a lot of laughs.

I would make All the dishes at home.

I was a bit iffy beforehand about the Butter Chicken without the butter (I like my heavy cream!!); however, it was DELICIOUS. So much flavour and very well complimented by the chickpea salad and aloo gobi. Everything had so many layers of flavour. Loved it.

I need Sharon to cook and portion my meals on a daily basis  The meal was healthy and the portions were sensible…I felt satisfied but not stuffed.

Quality of food was good. Amount of food was perfect. Enjoyed the people


I felt cozy and at home as soon as I walked into the room.


Best part was the atmosphere and professionalism of the instructor


The best part was the atmosphere, and due to the size of the class everyone quickly bonded and became immediate friends.


The best part was the fact that we could ask questions.


Best part was the food! I liked the interactive nature of the class.


Best part was the hands on (and conversation)


It was all enjoyable.


Best part was getting hands on experience.


I liked how intimate the class was. I liked that the recipes were easy to make at home.


Best part was learning more about foods/prep methods/safety. And of course, eating =)


Sharon thank you for the wonderful experience for the girls and I last Saturday with the Elegant Summer Dinner Party (a la brunch)!!!
We loved you!
It’s wonderful to hear all the tips and tricks that you pull out of your “chef’s hat”.
I think we learned a lot, had a delicious menu, great company, and laid-back atmosphere!
We’ll be back again soon.


Best – part was the Tips & Tricks, relaxed atmosphere, very flexible, This was not a hands on class. But, the demo class turned out to be pretty good.

All was amazing!


Food was excellent, instruction was entertaining.

Best part was the fun of having a food focused social situation, which included learning.


I loved Sharon’s warmth and sense of humour. The class was very relaxed.


I wouldn’t change a thing.


Very enjoyable instructor, venue fine, food excellent.


Had fun as always.


Thank you for the course, and all the wonderfull insite’s and stories. You are alway’s welcome @AMICOS Frank

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