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Microfiber cleaning cloth



For our standard cleaning service of apartments, condos, and houses:

First visit - $25.00 per hour, tentative pricing until we learn more about you and your needs. 🙂

The cleaning of our homes varies from client to client. Some homes are cleaner or messier than others. It may take more time or less. 

Our cleaning service people will clock the amount of time per room and the level of cleanliness when they arrive. If your home is the norm and requires basic cleaning, $25.00 per hour is your price.

In the event that you didn't "clean for the cleaning service people", then we revisit your price per hour. You will be informed of a potential price increase prior to the next visit.

Total area is under 700 sq. feet minimum time 3 hours.

Total area of 701 – 1000 Sq. feet minimum time 4 hours.

Total area of 1001 – 2000 Sq. feet minimum time 5 hours.

Total area of 2,001+ Sq. feet - ask for quote.

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Move-in/ move-out add-on is for empty homes includes the inside of the fridge, inside of the oven, inside empty kitchen cabinets, inside empty bathroom cabinets and baseboards.

Deep Cleaning is added for either regular or move-in/out service for homes that have not been properly maintained by the occupants. Pricing for under 

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