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How do kiwi and oyster sound? People are using AI to dream up new culinary creations


Competition Bureau obtains court orders in investigation into Loblaw, Sobeys owners

Marine collagen is all the rage in anti-aging. What does that mean for fish?

Teen died from eating a spicy chip as part of social media challenge, autopsy report concludes



After community backlash, celeb chef David Chang will no longer enforce 'chili crunch' trademark




With bird flu cases rising in border states, should Canadians be concerned about their food?



Person is diagnosed with bird flu after being in contact with cows in Texas


Ontario's Ministry of Labour can't force employers to pay worker wages, but why?


Restaurant chain starts charging carbon fee to customers


Banned in Europe, this controversial ingredient is allowed in foods here

Shoppers turn to 'imperfect produce' as grocery prices rise

2 cases of 'zombie deer disease' have been confirmed in B.C. Here's what you need to know



Here's how Canadians view big grocer Loblaw Co.: expert


Avian flu found at western Quebec commercial poultry farm

Mandarin or clementine? Canada is divided when it comes to big boxes of tiny holiday citrus



Goodbye steak, hello mung beans! Overheated food prices have Canadians buying less meat



Cantaloupe recall over salmonella expands to include other fruits


Small business owners defrauded, then left by banks to take $23K loss

Ontario, B.C. business owners cautiously optimistic about lifting of capacity restrictions

John Ivison: Wage subsidy program and similar pandemic emergency spending should be ended

Restaurants may not survive without extension of COVID-19 benefits, group warns

These Canadian industries are currently facing the biggest labour shortages

Restaurants, bars launch petition calling for an end to midnight 'curfew'

Dining out, salons, gyms and more: COVID-19 restrictions by province and territory

Ontario releases new details on how people will prove their COVID-19 vaccine status starting Sept. 22

Here's what restaurant operators are saying about Ontario's new vaccine passport program


'In the trenches': Toronto restaurants without patios struggling, customers hesitant to dine indoors


We've closed': Labour shortages forcing Ontario restaurants to scale back operating hours

Well-known Toronto restaurateur slams city's effort to support local eateries

Toronto restaurant asking unvaccinated people to sit outside

'Anger and vitriol': Toronto restaurants with vaccine mandate face backlash

Reopening anxiety: Experts say shaking lockdown habits will be hard for some

'I think a 21-day interval is prudent:' Ontario's new chief medical officer of health rules out an early move to Step 3

Customers can ask about an employee's vaccination status, but employers can't share it: experts

'Really good news': Ontarians celebrate reopening with patio visits, shopping trips

What is allowed on Friday as Ontario enters Step 1 of reopening?

Ontario grocery work shifting amid increasing automation and online sales, report finds

How do you know if your mask is working and if the air you're breathing is safe?

Toronto police issue tickets after 25 people found partying inside restaurant

Oakville, Ont. restaurant celebrates mother figures with ‘Nonna Wall’

Toronto pizza restaurant owner pivots to frozen pies during the pandemic

Toronto to begin preparing for curbside patios in early May ahead of lockdown end date

Metro, Sobeys among companies called out for not doing enough to reduce harmful chemicals

Covid support for businesses extended in 2021 budget

Public notice issued after at least 105 people potentially exposed to COVID-19 at Vaughan restaurant

Canada's restaurant industry in jeopardy | CTV News


Ontario restaurant workers will get COVID-19 vaccine in Phase 2, officials now confirm

More than 1,000 people call for Ontario restaurant workers to be in Phase 2 of COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Toronto restaurant makes push for red zone to have 'a fighting chance'

Ontario hiring 100 new health and safety inspectors, more than 370 tickets issued so far this year

7-Eleven Canada working on in-store 'consumption areas' for beer and wine

Simcoe Muskoka returns to Red-level restrictions with lockdown lifted

Ontario permits indoor dining for NHL teams while province under stay-at-home order

Can the co-op model help local businesses compete with Uber and Amazon?​

SanRemo Bakery temporarily closes after employees test positive for COVID-19

Toronto restaurant offering free burgers to seniors and the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic

Markham, Ont. restaurant out about $60K in sales after DoorDash questions some orders

'Beyond our expectations': Toronto bagel shop thriving despite COVID-19 lockdown

Ontario must do more to support businesses during lockdown, says restaurant owner

Canadian Foodservice Businesses in Turmoil Amid Potential Delays for COVID Vaccinations

I’ve spent my life building restaurants. COVID-19 has killed their magic – and threatened their future - Jenn Agg Special to Globe and Mail.

The Ottawa Mission's food service training program gets new home — for $10 a year

Food bank use was rising even before start of pandemic: Ontario survey


Metro recalls several products in Ontario over possible Salmonella contamination

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Nov. 7

Support for Toronto restaurants, taxi industry on the agenda at this week's city council meeting

Coronavirus: Toronto considers changing by-laws to allow restaurant patios to be open in winter

Struggling restaurants unsure where to turn with new pandemic restrictions in Ont. COVID-19 hotspots

Ontario premier needs to see 'hard evidence' before shutting down indoor dining in Toronto

Seven COVID-19 cases tied to downtown Toronto restaurant

Downtown bars and restaurants close over COVID-19 concerns

Want the government to split your dinner tab? Restaurants pitch relief plan to help them survive

How one Toronto steakhouse bucked the downward trend and turned its parking lot into a paradise

NATIONAL POST September 5, 2020

Sneaky Dee's likely to be demolished to make way for condo building

CBC News September 7, 2020

More than half of Canadian restaurants may close permanently within months, survey finds

CTV News August 28, 2020

Former Foodora workers reach $3.46M settlement with app's parent company

CTV News August 25, 2020

As economy recovers, some Toronto restaurants commit to end tipping

CTV News August 13, 2020

Ontario restaurants are going high-tech during COVID-19

TVO August 11, 2020

New Ontario law requiring personal info for dining in prompts privacy concerns

Small businesses struggle to stay afloat as Ontario reopens amid pandemic

CBC News July 22, 2020

What Stage 3 of Ontario's COVID-19 reopening plan could look like

CBC News July 10, 2020

Province's soup kitchens seeing larger demand, fewer people to help

CBC News July 7, 2020

We Need Better Masks

Harvard Business Review June 18, 2020

No singing or dancing allowed as Ontario reopens restaurant patios

CTV News June 16, 2020

What does a post-COVID restaurant look like? Dining experience might lose appeal

CTV News June 2, 2020

How COVID-19 will change the way restaurants run

BUSINESSWORLD April 27, 2020

COVID-19 food safety: Separating the myths from the facts

NATIONAL POST April 7, 2020


How the coronavirus is affecting food service businesses

THE GLOBE AND MAIL March 13, 2020

Cannabis drinks have been legal for over 2 months in Canada — so why aren't they on the shelves?

CBC News March 1, 2020

Subway must pay CBC $500K for failed defamation lawsuit over chicken

CBC News February 28, 2020

U.S. FDA approves first treatment for kids with peanut allergy

CBC News January 15, 2020

Nuts ‘N More peanut spread recalled over Listeria concern

GlobalNews February 11, 2020

How much food can you bring into Canada? The rules may soon change

CTV News February 6, 2020

Gene editing could revolutionize the food industry, but it'll have to fight the PR war GMO foods lost

CBC News January 15, 2020

Why you won't be eating out of foam containers in Vancouver starting Jan. 1

CBC News December 31, 2019

Statement on new findings and current status of the romaine lettuce E. coli O157:H7 outbreak investigation

FDA December 12, 2019

Food scientists say don't wash the turkey. Here's why

CBC News December 23, 2019

Cookie season in the midst of flour recalls

University of Wisconsin-Madison December 13, 2019

CFIA cancels licences of 3 companies in massive meat recall

CBC News December 2, 2019

Why E. coli linked to romaine lettuce remains 'an extremely difficult problem'​

CBC News November 26, 2019

'We do get into conflicts': When a food inspector makes a surprise visit to a restaurant​

CBC News October 13, 2019

Washing your hands is the best way to stop the E. coli superbug

CTV News October 23, 2019

Beef recall expands as federal food agency investigation into Toronto slaughterhouse continues

CBC News October 17, 2109

14 schools, daycares violated health procedures, food inspection reports reveal

CBC News October 9, 2109

Food insecurity grows as oceans warm, ice sheets melt, says U of A researcher

CBC News September 25, 2109

How Canadian investigators use DNA to track down contaminated food

CBC News September 21, 2109

Toronto board of health says shortfall from Ford government cuts is $4 million in 2

Toronto Star August 30, 2019

Epinephrine Supply in Canada for Back to School 2019

Allergic Living in Food AllergyNews August 16, 2019

CFIA says no meat from latest infected deer herds has entered Canada's food supply

CBC News, August 14, 2019

'Soap doesn't kill anything': How to hand wash your dishes and spread fewer germs

CTV News August 6, 2019

Never Ever Ask for Lemon Wedge in Your Drink at Restaurants, Here’s Why It’s a Bad Idea

THE EPOCH TIMES July 30, 2019

Fake honey still pouring into Canada, and local beekeepers are feeling the sting

CBC News July 25, 2019

Canadian officials flagged 900 food items from China with 'problems' over 2 years

CBC News July 14, 2019 

Federal government to crack down on food fraud

Food in Canada July 12, 2019

Why Is Ground Beef Making People Sick? 

Consumer Reports April 15, 2019

Pediatric allergist traces 'mystery' reactions to pea protein — an increasingly popular ingredient

CBC News May 2, 2019 

Meal preppers take note: USDA says leftover food only safe for 3 to 4 days after cooking

FOX13 News June 18, 2019 

Some baby foods sold in Canada would be 'illegal in Europe,' arsenic testing shows

CBC News Mar 1, 2019 

Cookbooks won't teach you how to handle food safely, Guelph study says

CBC News May 22, 2019

These are the most common food-borne illnesses and what foods carry them

Global News May 2, 2019

Canada received cheese linked to E. coli outbreak in France

Food Safety News March 1, 2019

How climate change can make your food less safe to eat

Global News May 15, 2019

CFIA now empowered to levy food safety fines of up to $15,000

Food Safety News May 2, 2019

Chipotle Served Subpoena from Food-Safety Incident

QSR April 2019

Montreal 'going to war' against single-use plastic and styrofoam food containers

CBC News April 24 2019

Health Canada says it will set cap on arsenic in food 

CBC News April 11 2019 Updated

Public Health Agency of Canada says salmonella outbreak hits 6 provinces, dozens sick

CBC News April 5 2019
Over 550 Chicken-Related Salmonella Cases Confirmed By Health Canada In Just 2 Years
Narcity March 2019
‘Pretty much everything’ has more germs than a toilet seat. So what?
Global News May 27, 2018
Shrimp containing antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in Canadian grocery stores
CBC News March 15, 2019
Raw frozen breaded chicken blamed for two more Salmonella outbreaks in Canada
Food Safety News March 3, 2019
Woman dies as food poisoning in Michelin-starred restaurant hits 30 diners
CNN February 22, 2019
Customers flag bottled water smelling of 'old socks' and 'urine,' but CFIA says it poses no health risk
CBC News March 3, 2019
SCOC to hear food recall class action by Mr. Sub franchisees against Maple Leaf
Financial Post February 7, 2019
14 per cent of sausage tested didn't specify all meat on label
CBC News February 15, 2019
Student died after eating leftover pasta in rare food poisoning case
FOX News January 28, 2019
Dead rat allegedly found in chowder at Vancouver restaurant
CTV News December 28, 2018
Canadian cities rethink removal of fluoride from tap water
CBC News Jan 24, 2019
Calgary Booster Juice was using countertop cleaner to wash fruits and veggies

CBC News Jan 06, 2019

Federal survey says Canadians don’t know enough about food safety July 29, 2018 

Robots Are Making Our Restaurants Safer December 19, 2018

Show Me the Science - How to Wash Your Hands

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention October 2, 2018

Why Restaurants Must Adopt a Food Safety Culture; December 10, 2018 


Other Leafy Greens Springing Up in Absence of Romaine Lettuce on P.E.I.

CBC News · Posted: Dec 04, 2018 6:27 PM AT | Last Updated: December 4

Feds Paid Facebook $40,000 for Ad Showing How to Cook Chicken Nuggets; November 23, 2018 

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