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Sanelli Knives

I was introduced to Sanelli knives years ago as I was drawn to the bright green and red colours. I proceeded to do some research to find out what they were all about. I met with the company responsible for North America. At that time they asked me if I was interested in representing the knives in Ontario. I had too much on my plate focusing on broadening my culinary career and declined the offer.

I first purchased the Sanelli 9.5 inch chef knife. I believe a chef knife with a shorter blade limits its functionality. A larger blade may be used amazingly to cut with ease to feed a crowd and also to scoop up the slices, dices etc. I am very fond of these knives and have been using them professionally for years. Í personally enjoy the lightweight, the balance, and ease, the thickness of the blade in the right areas for cutting thick or slicing thin and for every reason sanelli feels they are a winner.

I want to provide you with some information as to why you might enjoy them. My clients often ask me my opinion on how and what they need to purchase to start their knife collection.

Good Information to Help You Decide

What Sanelli tells us about the knives:

Coltellerie Sanelli S.p.A. created its Premana Professional collection by analysing and solving every last one of the problems that are encountered by the professional who uses these working tools every day. In short, these are the salient properties of the Premana Professional collection:


  • Resistant hardness (54-56 HRC).

  • Good flexibility.

  • High cutting power.

  • Long edge life.

  • Edge shape especially designed for professional use.

  • Excellent sharpening potential.

  • The convex shape of the edge guarantees an efficient support when the user has to exert considerable force. The edge is not subject to chipping.


  • The exclusive ergonomic handle design is the result of special studies carried out at qualified University Institutes (a research unit named EPM: Ergonomics of Posture and Movement at the Milan Polytechnic) and tested by computerized experimental tests.

  • The ergonomic shape brings a sharp reduction in user fatigue.

  • The soft, but slightly rough surface makes the handle non-slip and much safer to use.

  • The material used is non-toxic and complies with the European rules.

  • The material used will resist sudden temperature changes (from -40°C to +150°C), corrosive agents and detergents.

  • This means that the knife can be cleaned in a dishwasher and sterilized.

  • The handle is perfectly balanced with the blade.

  • The handle’s green colour makes the knife immediately visible on the work bench: greater safety at work. The shape of the handle was designed at the computer.

By creating the Premana Professional collection, the aim of Coltellerie Sanelli S.p.A. is to make a decisive contribution to improving safety, reliability and hygiene at work. No other collection of professional cutlery currently available has all these properties. The Premana Professional collection knives are covered by European and U.S. patents.

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