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Still No Groceries…Look Ma I Just Made Myself Lunch

No milk, no bread, few veggies, little fruit….oh my…guess who needs to go get some food stuff tonight?? Thought I’d share with you my lunch for today. Yes, one of my power lunch salads…had some sardines in spring water in the cupboard, the last bit of organic baby spinach in the clamshell pack, an organic carrot and tomato, and yes about 1/3 cup leftover from of the Raspberry Ginger Mango Puree that I made for our brunch on Sunday. I know what you are thinking… that doesn’t seem like no groceries to me!! Trust me, it’s slim pickings around here. I just wanted to share with you what IS possible to make for lunch or a yummy dinner with few ingredients with limited tools.

This is what I did…

On a dinner plate: layer spinach, then carrots, then tomato, splash some balsamic (yes I always have that around too), top with sardines, fresh coarse ground tellicherry peppercorns, a pinch or two of coarse kosher salt…top with leftover Rasberry Ginger Mango Puree…and voila! Yummy lunch. Now all I need to worry about is what I have left to whip up a nutritious mid afternoon snack and dinner. Yikes!

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