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Hot Diggity Dog!

All beef dressed up and can go anywhere! Side: Simply steamed brussel sprouts.

Ever download that old 1928 tune? The famed singer Al Jolson was heard stating, “hot diggity dog!!!… Meaning “Didn’t I tell you you’d love it!” about a song he wrote after a performance. Well…that sentiment is how I feel about the new generation of wieners rolling out. The ones to satisfy those of us who love to eat hot dogs, but don’t like nitrates, unnecessary fillers, and hormonally injected meats.

Once in a while you just crave a good hot dog. Love ‘em. Grew up eating them. They were always in my parent’s refrigerator or freezer. Wieners can be a quick lunch or dinner, when you just don’t have the time to cook. I like any type …turkey, chicken, beef… ummm… tofu not so much. For me, the texture is not so desirable. You can dress up a juicy meaty hot dog…and you can take it anywhere. Picnic anyone?

After I started my loyalty to organics and a healthy eating lifestyle, I missed those long spiced up meaty treats. While grocery shopping at Noah’s, I found two healthy choices for hot dogs. My first purchase took me aback. The price was around $9.00 for the package… but what they really meant, was $9.00 per pound!!! When I got to the register and the cashier rang it up…oops. Ah what the heck…I took them home anyway.

Read those labels. There is a controversy concerning cultured celery extract, which, I read from a comment in Consumer Reports, is considered a natural nitrate. CBC reported, A Consumer Reports investigation of hot dogs found that brands that boasted that they contain “no added nitrates,” but listed celery juice among their ingredients, contained levels of nitrates and nitrites comparable to the cured brands..

I paired these eatable gold bullions with Kamut ‘N Flax hot dog buns, which again weren’t a bargain. Worth every penny from “vege hut”(organic kamu flour, water, unpasteurized honey, fresh ground organic flax seed, sunflower oil, yeast, sea salt). I rationalize it this way…you only live once…you don’t eat hot dogs everyday…and when you do, it’s going to be better for you and taste great!! As a foodie, I rarely compromise quality and taste.

My kids prefer them boiled. I like the slightly charred crispy method, rolled in caramelized baked on barbeque sauce. When you don’t have barbeque sauce on hand, try adding a little unsweetened salsa mixed with maple syrup to the hot pan. Or better yet, try some maple syrup straight up. The salty, slightly spicy juices, mixed with the sweet is simply to die for! I enjoy my hot dogs fully dressed…many versions of “the works”. Because I use the more healthful varieties, which normally do not contain a whole lot of fat… a little olive oil is added to a non-stick pan. The sides are always a heaping helping of a green veg to offset the guilt. Here’s how I prepare them.

Hot Diggity Pan Seared Dog

1 serving (multiply for more)

1 to 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil 1 healthful hotdog of your choice (read the ingredients…no nitrates, or natural nitrate derivatives, no hormones, few ingredients) Half a small organic onion, sliced ¼ a red organic red bell pepper, julienned 2 fresh organic crimini mushrooms, sliced 1 tablespoon organic salsa, your favourite jarred variety 1 teaspoon pure organic maple syrup

  1. On medium-high heat, add the extra virgin olive oil to the pan.

  2. Fry the onions until soft, add the red bell pepper and mushrooms.

  3. Push to one side of the pan. Add the hotdog. Roll until blistered and slightly charred.

  4. Quickly add the salsa and maple syrup. Roll the hot dog in the mixture until coated and caramelized.

  5. In the meantime, toast your whole grain hot dog buns.


Toasted whole grain hot dog bun Grainy mustard like Kozliks Double Crunch or Sweet Russian Low fat or vegetarian mayo Hot dog Onion vegetable mixture Messy goodness

Variation: Try some butternut squash instead of/with the red bell peppers, thinly julienned. Fresh grape tomatoes, sliced.

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