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Puzzles Earrings Circa 1984

My son sent me this email this morning:

“Did you know about this? I found this on eBay!” He was just playing around googling my name… and this eBay ad popped up.

I’m not certain I ever mentioned this, but before my culinary career, I was a jewellery designer. My claim to somewhat fame were these “Puzzles” designs. I believe there were 21 sku’s of the designs. At the tender age of 28, I manufactured and sold them across Canada and the US. They were classified as bridge jewellery and were made out of sterling silver and brass. I still have the raw unfinished prototypes, that I personally and very carefully sawed by hand. The year was 1984! My son was about 6 months old when we trotted off to the Fashion Accessories Expo, FAE show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City to sell my designs.

They sold quite well and at the time, The Bay, Eatons, Brettons, Creeds, all the big guys and small popular boutiques purchased them. A very memorable and exciting time for this Prairie girl. I remember marvelling at the sight of people walking down the street wearing my creations. What a total trip that was! I recall, my eldest sister advised me not to gift them out so much.

I gave them out to my cousins, family members, and their friends. She said I was devaluing my product. Some people still tell me they hold a pair in their jewellery box. Do you guys still have a pair???

Well, time passes and then you come across your patinized (meaning aged and oxidized), design on where else but ebay! Surreal. So random. I love it!!!

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