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Clean Healthy Water. Really?

Clean Food

How about some clean healthy water to drink? Both my adult children and I have made the decision to drink and eat even healthier. That includes cutting out sugary beverages and consume more water. Have you ever wondered which water is the safest and the healthiest? When purchasing groceries, my family shops for produce that is organic, whole grain, non processed, hormone free, humanely treated and so on and so forth. Educating ourselves on nutrition and food safety issues can at times be baffling. What and who do you believe? When eating unprocessed foods, whole grains, clean 15 and varied colours of organic veggies and fruits, you’re off to the races! Eating a balanced diet with portion control and healthy fats and proteins, you’ll be doing your best. Treats in moderation; non-processed sugars and healthy fats. Choosing clean healthy water is not so cut and dry. Pun intended.

About Clean Healthy Water Consumption

It is a well known fact that we need clean healthy water to survive. Lately I have been concerned about which water to drink on a daily basis. Not exactly sure when this fixation started. I have been obsessed for months figuring out which spring water I should be purchasing. Which brands have the most beneficial nutrients and minerals? I just assumed with the copious quantities of healthy clean water filters and bottled waters sold, they are the best option to research. This week I checked out the flyers in search of Fiji Water on sale. This brand is high end and imported water with much controversy. In an article from FOX News on the net, Fiji water was listed as one of the top brands for health benefits. I thought…why do we import water in the first place? Is the spring water source in Fiji that much better for us?

Credible Clean Healthy Water Scientific Resources

When I started to delve into the subject matter of clean healthy water, it was hard to find recent studies. Most clean healthy water articles on the net are dated earlier than 2014. A few linked me to the Canadian government website; pages of information on our clean healthy water. Here you find paragraph after paragraph of complicated information. I found a few comprehensive community news articles and some from CBC, Global and the like. And then I came across these two videos, Bottlegate and The Story of Bottled Water. These videos do a great job in convincing us that tap water is the safest and best tasting. My decisions are most often based on credible scientific resources.

The laboratories findings are showing that the major bottling/filter companies have fooled us into thinking our drinking or potable tap water is unsafe; tainted for human consumption. The truth is that most bottled water comes from the tap. These companies have fewer restrictions when it comes to regulations of their contents. Some bottled waters are imported from foreign countries and do not undergo vigorous testing. They contain some harmful microorganisms. Our city tap water regulations are far more stringent. Do you know our Toronto tap water is tested more than every few minutes for contaminants? And then there’s the environmental concerns. These include plastic water bottles in our landfills, a detriment to wildlife and to us.

Water the Height of Fashion

Bottled water. Clean healthy water?

One of the personalities in the videos, made an interesting observation. It has become fashionable to be healthy and to consume lots of clean healthy water on the go. Years ago, before bottled water, we just drank from the tap and then consumed water at the nearest fountain. Now we cannot be seen without a trendy bottle of water in hand on the run as if we are journeying out on a trek across the Sahara dessert, I laugh. She makes a good point. Why are we all infatuated with portable water bottles? When we know there is plenty of public watering holes to grab a drink to rehydrate.

Clean Healthy Water…Your Choice?

The choice of water is becoming clearer to me now. From the information that I have gathered, it would appear that tap water in a reusable or recyclable container, is most cost effective, convenient, and healthier. I am leaning towards Toronto tap water. Filling my clean healthy water glass, glass bottle or stainless container, if I need to grab and carry.

What are your feelings on the subject of drinking clean healthy water? Which is your brand or source of choice and why? Favourite Brand?? Makes you think.

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