A non-guilty Frozen Chocolate Pleasure – Fudgesicles My Way

I am losing my pounds slowly, surely, and most important healthfully. 16 pounds since the beginning of April. One of the ways that has proven to help the process, treats for consumption as a part of part of your meal or snacking. These frozen treats are to be savoured just for you or as a shared decadent indulgence with your kids!

Believe it or not, this treat was inspired by leftover tofu and black bean brownies. The nutritious ingredients are pureed in your food processor, blender, or Vitamix. The mixture is then frozen. The taste is surprisingly like the real deal without additives or chemicals. Trust me, there is absolutely no hint of the secret beany ingredients.

When craving hits, this frozen fudgesicle imposter is more than satisfying. It is chock full of nutritious elements. The bonus? You can pull this confection from the freezer to enjoy any season. It tastes intensely chocolaty, creamy, and has “stuff” in it for crunch. Just the way I like it with a sweet surprise at the beginning and the end. Give it a whirl, pun intended, and treat yourself. You are so worth it.

Fudgesicles with Roasted Cashews and Goat Caramel

Makes 8 to 10 depending on the size of your pops

1/2 cup organic black beans, from the can 1/2 to 1 cup soft tofu 1 cup skim milk (nut milk or water may be used) ¼ cup Honey (more or less as per your taste and diet allowance) 1/4 cup unsweetened Cocoa, powder 1 tablespoon cashews, roasted (any nuts are fine) 1 row of President’s Choice Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 72%, chopped (any dark chocolate is good) 2 pieces Milk Caramels (we used organic goats milk caramels), chopped (any chewy or crunch caramel is good). Cut into 16 tiny pieces.

  1. Put the skim milk, tofu, and black beans, honey, cocoa powder (in this order) into your blender or vitamix.

  2. Blend until creamy

  3. Pour the mixture into ice pop moulds

  4. Divide the chocolate, cashews, and caramels amongst the pops. I put some into the top, pour the mixture, and then top it off on the bottom with the rest. Leave about 1/2 inch space for expansion in the freezer.

  5. Close mould. Freeze overnight.

If you are watching your calorie, sugar, fat, or salt intake, each one of these is about 117 calories. You can add more chocolate, caramels or nuts to your taste and/or diet.

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