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Target Heart Rate

People are often curious how to check their heart rate and find their Target Heart Rate Zone. This is the range in which it is considered safe to exercise. It is also the range in which you will be effective in promoting cardiovascular benefits.

Your maximal heart rate = 220 – your age Your target heart rate range should be between 50-80% of your maximal heart rate.

For example: a person age 45.

220 – 45 = 175 (maximal heart rate) 175 x .5 = 87.5 (50% maximal heart rate) 175 x .8 = 140 (80% maximal heart rate)

Here are more calculations at different ages:

AGE 20 30 40 50 60 70 50% 100 95 90 85 80 75 80% 160 152 144 136 128 120

How to Use Your Target Heart Rate

Beginners should aim for the lower end (closer to 50%) and increase the intensity as they become more conditioned. This heart rate range is recommended for those individuals without health problems. If you are taking medications that affect your heart rate, check with your doctor to determine the proper exercise intensity.

How to Take your Heart Rate

The safest place to take your heart rate during exercise is on the radial pulse, found at the base of your thumb.Use your index and middle fingers of your opposite hand to locate your pulse using a light touch.

Count the beats in a 10 second period and multiply by 6 to find the beats per minute.

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